Sketchin' the 2017 Indy 500

The good folk from Autoweek Magazine (a wonderful pub that you can check out HERE and maybe even...subscribe?) and Chevrolet sent me to this year's Indianapolis 500 to create another of what is becoming a series of "Great Race Sketchbooks." The race experience exceeded expectations in every way. I spent 5 days on the ground searching the scene for "sketchables." I always feel like I'm never getting enough down on the pad....I took the sketchbooks home and Autoweek indulged me another week and a half or so to flesh out the sketches for publication (Autoweek is the best). Instead of writing an accompanying article, this time I put the comments/narrative its on the drawings themselves. You can check out the article HERE; a selection of sketches below.

Teaching College Students How to Make Comics

Cal State Fullerton has honored me with a job teaching their students something about making comics (this in addition to teaching Life Drawing and Animal Anatomy & Wildlife Drawing--fun!). We've got a whole 15 weeks to do a deep-dive on this subject; three weeks in and already the students are cranking out the pages. I've been keeping a running tab on our progress over at the venerable T.A.G. Blog, where I'm posting details of my lesson plans. I'm counting on my T.A.G. friends and fellow comic-makers (all with much more experience than me) to chime in with suggestions/ridicule (the combo is working great so far). You can read Week 1 or Weeks 2 & 3 and be sure to let me know what you hate!

One of the concepts we've hit is how time can work in sequential art--I'm using the great Scott McCloud book, "Understanding Comics" as our guide. I created this panel to illustrate the wonderfully comic-specific concept of elapsed time as it (can) happen within a single comic book panel.

 I was going for a mock "Tomb of Dracula" look...what was I thinking? It started as a quick doodle to illustrate the point and then got all kinds of outta hand....

I was going for a mock "Tomb of Dracula" look...what was I thinking? It started as a quick doodle to illustrate the point and then got all kinds of outta hand....

The Nürburgring is a Racetrack in Germany

The Nürburgring is a Racetrack in Germany

My article for Autoweek should be hitting doorsteps (and the web) any day now. They sent me to Germany to spend a weekend with Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus as they took on the 24 Hours of the Nürburgring. It was's a snippet of the epic sketch journal I turned in to the magazine.

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San Diego Comics Fest 2016

The good people who run San Diego Comic Fest asked me to do this year's program cover. The honoree was Forrest J. Ackerman, trailblazer of sci-fi fandom and owner of the "Ackermansion" where he kept his mongo collection of movie memorabilia. Most famously he created the "Famous Monsters of Filmland" magazine, and this provided the inspiration for my illo. How could you not have fun digging into these guys? Everything was so last-minute we didn't have a chance to print any posters in time for the Fest--but they are available here on the Comics by Marty Davis website. Check 'em out! I only made it down on the weekend, but lots of fun to see old friends and make some new ones. And gratified to see the Fest reach a whole 'nother level of popularity this year...must've been my cover!

APE CON 2015

San Jose welcomed the great unwashed alternative masses to their downtown this weekend past, and boy did we have fun. A proper blogsite would have blasted fans and followers with the news beforehand, but we prefer to work retroactively thru the psychological mechanism called REGRET.

"See what you missed in San Jose...?"